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We are a tool that allows you to summarize texts in different languages. Just paste your text and click on summarize so that our automatic summarizer will do it for you.

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How to use Text Summarizer?

Enter the text you want to summarize


Click on the next button


Done, your text is summarized

Summarize texts

Summarize texts

Our tool is the best for creating a summary, because we have a very intelligent system that preserves the most important ideas and eliminates those that add less value to the content, so you can easily summarize long texts.

In our summary creator, you will be able to compare the original text with the summarized text.

Frequent questions

How to get a summary of a long text?

You can get the summary of a long text by reading it completely or using tools like our free automatic summarizer, which will save you a lot of time so you can process and understand the information faster.

How to summarize a text in google?

To summarize a text you can enter our website https://resumidor.net, then enter your text and have it summarized in seconds.

Is summarizing a text free?

Of course! All our tool is free and without limitations.

Alternatives to Text Summarizer


Resoomer is a website to summarize texts, we have artificial intelligence so that our texts are summarized in an efficient way, we also have no limit of texts or characters!


Parafrasist is a text summarizer and paraphraser, which is a good alternative, you can try our system and you will be surprised, we have no character limit!